Friday, January 14, 2011

p/s untk awk..

sye x percye awk lakukn nye...
smpai ble2 pon sye xkan percaye...
wlaupon kte lame x jmpe @ bercakap & bertegur sape..
sye still angap awk kwn sye...
sye dh lame maafkn awk..
sye harap awk brubah....
stiap mnusia pernah buat silap..
sye tahu awk boleh brubah..
dan jgn sesekali ulangi kesilapn itu..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Terima Kasih.... kamu..:)

Thanks sgt2 slalu bg smgt kt sye ble sye down, sdeh, tension, sunyi, keseorangan dan memerlukan..

Sape kamu..??
Cume allah dan sye yang taw sape kamu dalam hidup sye.. cume sye yang knal kamu , cume sye yang taw pasal diri kamu… kerana kamu slalu ade untuk sye..diwaktu…
• sedih
• Memerlukn untuk berkongsi masalah dan kesedihan
• Meminta pendapat
• Sakit
• Gembira Dan banyak lg….. :p

Walaupun kamu tidak sehebat, sebijak, dan sekaya seperti kbyakn… tp kamu lah teman yang paling istimewa, baik dan memahami yamg pernah sye jumpe… kamu sentiase ingin buat sye ketawa dan terhibur….
thanks a lot…
you always be beside me x kira sdeh atau gembira…

Kamu sgt2 baik kpada sye.. slalu sbar ngn mood sye. Sye sdar sye slalu lpaskn ksedihn, kekecewaan, atau kemarahan sye pada kamu... wlaupun sye tahu kamu ade byk masalah kamu sendiri..

I’m sorry… please forgive me…

Kamu lah teman yang sgt memahami diri sye,menghiburkan, sentiase ade untuk sye dan slalu menolong sye… dan tidak pernah meninggalkn sye…

terima kasih.. thank you..xiexie…

Siape kamu…. Biarlah rahsia….

Monday, March 29, 2010

welcome to my haunted house......

Hi everybody.. This time I would like to tell my experience in handling haunted house for school charity. It is my sweetest memory that I will never forget in my life. I know most of you may have been into this house with many expression like afraid, nervous, shock, and so on.. Thanks a lot to my friend who have join together to make this project successful.

It started when I am in lower six economy at SMK UNGKU AZIZ, SABAK BERNAM (2008 batch). My practical teacher Mr.Shafiq ask my class to handle this project for school charity and I am the assistance monitor for this project. In the beginning, we faced many problems and objection from other teachers because that is the first time haunted house is being held at the school and they worried about student’s safety. But we were not worried because our principle supports the idea and we have promised to take care about the student safety when they come into this house.

We need to submit a project paper for this haunted house project one week before the real event. My classmates do the preparation in just one week because the projects only get the approval during the last minutes. After that, my classmates divide the task into groups and appointed position like the captain, assistance captain, actor, ghost make-up artist, interior design, security, and computer handler to manage the visual, audio and effect on haunted house. Although sometimes they don’t want to follow the direction but they have give the best cooperation. We open this project for three days.

We hold it together in making the preparation for ghost, house, and flyers. For instance ghost hair from ‘TALI POM POM’, ghost nail from drinking straw, wall from black rubbish plastic, newspaper, colorful transparent to filament lamp and many kind of smell like ‘kapur barus’, ‘setanggi’, ‘sundal malam’ flower, ‘kemenyan’ and lemon, a lot of white cotton for ghost actor and also technical effect like speaker and computer.

We use many students to be the ghost from my class and another half from the other class because we use the shift technique to ensure my friends get enough rest and replaced if they tired. It is because the surrounding is dark and we will feel very hot and warm in there. We start in the early morning to make full preparation for the opening.

Before the opening, we faced a tragedy when suddenly the fan that we want put the last replica on it switch on automatically without anybody switch it on. It is because there are only 5 students including me in there and the plague is behind the room. We feel very shocked and anxious because the replica’s rope is twisted at the fan. One of us called someone who switches the fan but nobody in there. My friend go to switch off the fan immediately, then he feels like something fly beside him.. I am very surprise because I am the only girl in there and the rest are boys. The others are preparing at other room like make up and others. We promise to not tell other students to ensure our project successful, and then we call ‘ustaz’ to look and ‘fence’ the area. Ustaz tell us to throw ‘kemenyan’, flower and lemon because we want to scare the people who come but unfortunately it called for the real ghost instead. Besides that, I also do not know that my friend have put a ‘belangkas’ in there. Ustaz said that ‘belangkas’ can also attract the ghost. After we throw it, the condition becomes better.

We use a coupon to any student who wants come into haunted house. One coupon is equal to one ringgit. I do not expect that we get the great responds from other students. They are willing to line-up one hour before we open this house. We will tie the black ribbon at their hand and tell them that it is as protection but actually the ribbon is nothing.. hehe…. When they pass through the first stage, we will ask them to play some game at the computer to search for something and after they have got it, the scary face will come out and make them very shock until there are students crying and want to get out immediately. We make at least four ways that student needs to pass through and every way has many scary ghost and replica.

The project runs smoothly until the last day although my friend who is a ghost actor faced many problems like some of them have many scratches on their body without they realized it. They also are being hit and so on because the students who come will scream and hit the actor when they afraid. The best memory is when our principle and other teacher come into this haunted house. We success in making people afraid.. hehe… principle says that our project get the highest charity for one thousand and a half ringgit….

We feel very happy and will never forget this moment…. Thanks to my teacher and friends for your kindness and best cooperation…

That all what I share with all of you… the rest memory in this haunted house I want keep as a sweet memory in my life…..bye2….

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I hate those stupid things!!!

Hi everybody.. This time I want to talk about top ten most I hate. It is a fact that everyone in this world have something that we love and hate. it is human nature, right? hehe..I hope we can share together in this entry…

Someone yelling
I hate someone who likes talking with yelling sound. Yelling make me feel like they are the person who very proud with themselves and did not care about other people feeling. It doesn't matter if they yelling for some reason but if not it will cause other people feel uncomfortable because the voice is like thunderstorm in other people heart especially me..

I hate mosquito because it always make me sick, itchy and it is a small danger virus. It can bring many diseases and leave effect on my skin like biting bug. Mosquito’s sound make me very angry especially when it fly around my ears .Sometimes during sleeping,those animal's sound will interrupted my superb dream and when it bite me, I feel itchy then i will try to kill it before going back to sleep..

Liar is very danger attitude that can stab-you-back. They can destroy many things like relationship, trustworthy, and also our country. Even though, they lie only a little bit word but it can hurt many heart and then destroy someone relationship. It is because liars only want other people trust them and then make the victim being suffered. They just know how to lie, manipulate and get what they want to fulfill their satisfaction.

Don't force me!!!!
I extremely dislike people who like to force me. I will very stress about it because I will feel guilty to say ‘not’!!.. I don’t know how to make people like this understand my situation.. It is because they may be cannot accept the argument from me..furthermore, i am the one who easily feel sympathy with others..So friends, please do not force me...=(

Don't you dare to control over me..!!
I hate being controlled whether in the form of feeling, attitude, relationship or action. As a human we have the right to do whatever we like except something that against syariah or religion. Everybody have the right to get their own freedom and defend their right because we are not a toy that can be controlled likes playing game. not betray me...
I always think that everybody around me are kind, nice and someone that i can trust, but my friends always remind me that,we should remember that face will not show the truly fact about someone. Do not easily judge the book by its cover.I do not expect that someone whose I trust can betray me. I don’t know what my fault. Sometimes people like this only want to run from their problem and they only realize about other people mistake but not their!

Migraine makes me sick.!! I hate when my head starting depress my nerve. It make me cannot focus for anything and loss my concentrations. I also feel that my eyes cannot be opened because the pain is very stress me and I will feel that dreadly pain for a long hour .

Selfish is a worse person. They will make other people being damn angry. I cannot understand why some people can be so selfish about everything. They won't help anyone that in trouble and do not ever care about others feeling. They only think about themselves. We should not act like this because we life live in community,not alone and one day we will need other people helping... If we still selfish, nobody people will help us and they only will say goodbye for you…
Not being respect others. (rude)
We should respect other people especially the one who eldest than you..It a sign of respect towards them.. Nowadays, we look most of teenagers do not respect the elder person than them. It's like they don't even care. I think it may be because of their parents not teach their kids about respect. Most parents just ignore abut this important attitudes and do not nurture this things to their kids because very busy with their job. Teenagers should respect elders because they need elder people to guide them to be a useful human in future...

Bullying person...
I always see many people do not respect the people who unlucky than them. For instance, poor or fat person. Sometimes people like to say something bad about them and its look like a mock. I’m very sympathy with them. I hate this habit. We do not have any right to do this horrible things because unlucky person also have feeling and heart. I can imagine what their feeling when I look people jeers them. They will feel very sad. We must consider about other feeling before act like that. They also do not want their life to be so unlucky like that.. So stop to be bullies and mock towards unlucky person.

That’s all about top ten I hate.. the rest I want keep it as a secret.. See you again.. bye2

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My top 10 wishes...

This week I want to talk about my wish in this entry. I hope can share with all of you…

1. Wish my mother will cure from disease.

It is my largest wish. I hope my mother will cure from disease. I’m very pity when looking she suffers and fight the disease. She always hide her suffer but I can detect it from her face. The distance from my hometown to campus make we feel very far. My mother looks very sad when I want come back to campus. It looks like we don’t have chance to meet again and after I kissed her hand, I will go without looking back again. I’m not strong enough to see her face in that condition. Every time after solat, I will pray to god to help my mother fight her disease and reduce the resistant that we will face. I hope our creator hear my wish….. insya’allah.. I love u mom.

2. Wish to be forgiven from someone.

In our life, human will not except from make a mistake including me. I hope I will get forgiven from someone that I really love. Every minute and second I will feel sad when I’m in front of him. We always will act like we never have any problem in front of other people but actually we have a really big problem that I think almost impossible to solve. I hope our relationship will not end and we can make jokes and can laugh like before. I miss that moment.

3. Wish to be a good sister to my younger brother and younger sister.

I have one younger brother and one younger sister. I really love them and want them to success in their study and life. I like seeing my younger brother study and do his homework especially engineering drawing subject because it also my favourite subject during my school time. My younger brother is very expert in this subject because he has a good imagination. I always advice him to study well so that he can go further his study overseas because it is one of my ambition.

4. Wish to improve my life and take care of my parents.

I hope will success in my study so have a better future for my family and me. I will be more hard working in my study to get better result. It is because I want change my family standard of living and want my parents have better life during their retirement. I’m so reluctant to see them working in order to make sure we live in good condition. The retirement is the time for them to get a good rest and it is the time for me and my siblings to take care of them. I will make sure to repay all their good deed that have they done to me.

5. Wish to meet someone that long time no see.

My other dream is to meet ‘F’ . She used to be my classmate and my best friend during standard four. I have not seen her for a while, about 10 years. Sometimes when I remind of my memory in primary school, I really miss her and want to meet her. I don’t know her news after her move to other school because her father transferred to other camp soldier and until now we still lost contact.

6. Wish to graduate on time.

I wish that I can graduate on time. I’m very excited to attend the convocation ceremony. I want to feel the moment and share my happiness with my family and my friends. Sometimes I dream to wear the convo clothes together with my friends and want throw up the cap with a big smile.

7. Wish to learn sewing.

I wish to learn sewing in this semester holiday. When I know to sew, the first thing that I want to do is sew my Mr.right dress in ‘hari raya’ until he show his sweet smile when wear it.. hehe.. After that I want to make my window look beautiful with the gorgeous and colorful curtain that I make myself. Then I want to open a dress boutique and want to be a successful businesswoman.

8. Wish to drive go-kart

I wish to drive go-kart. I like this activity because it’s very interesting and exciting. When I watched tv and see this activity I feel very excited. I wish to drive go-kart car then race with my mr.right together.. hehe..

9. Wish to scuba diving.

Scuba diving is also one of my favourite activities but I never try it because I don’t know how to swim. I wish to learn swimming with the expert coach and want make a scuba diving in island around the world to see the living things in the deep sea. This activity is very interesting. I hope to make it reality and can honeymoon with my future husband to see the power of our creator.

10. Wish to get good future husband.

I wish to get good future husband that can take care of me and be besides me whether in good or bad condition. I also hope my future husband can make me happy and can be fair to both our families. The most important is I wish my future husband always to do his responsibility to our creator and can teach and bring me to the right way if I have made a mistake.

That all…. I hope can share together with all of you. See you again…bye3.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My D3D1 classmates...

My d3d1 gang….
Hi… to all of you. We meet again in this entry with other interesting topic… this time I want to talk about my classmate.. I love my classmate. We all is girl… we just like a wonder girl in big family.

1. Lily
She is a soft spoken person and innocent girl. She also is very quiet person and very hard to hear her voice. She just will speak when needed. Lily is very clever person although we see she is very silent in class.

2. Shahirah
Shahirah is a nice girl. She is very hardworking person and a good friend. She likes dress up with same colour such as when she wears purple clothes, the scarf also wills the same colour. But this semester I look her stating wear ‘selendang’ when attend to class…wahh, look so sweet..

3. Zulaika.
I call her kecik. I don’t know why we call her in that ways. I just follow my friend..hehe. She is a gorgeous and clever girl. She participate the Malay debate club UITM because she has a strong confident when speak in front of people.. This semester she has determination that want always wear ‘baju kurung’ when attend the class. We just wait and see… hehe…kecik is a nice person, talkative, and not arrogant. She also very intelligent and get best result every semester.

4. Isma
Before I know isma , I’m scared to talk with her because she look strict, fierce and very hard to smile. But after know who she is, actually she is very talkative, helping and nice person. I’m comfortable when speak with her. Sometimes she looks moody if have a problem with her boyfriend because she loves her boyfriend much.. What’s interesting about her is that she knows how to speak Javanese. She like speak Javanese with Mon and me, and she also like make a joke by speaking Javanese. Hehe…

5. Azlina
I do not know too much about her because I just meet her this semester in d3d1 class. What can I say about her is that she looks very soft spoken person, nice girl, not arrogant and always smile to people.

6. Erien
Erien is little bit quiet person in class. Last semester she is in d2d2 but this semester she move to our class. I’m not so close with her. She always comes to the class with Zura. She like pink colour because I always look her wears pink for her dress until sun glasses.

7. Nabila.
I call her nabil.. Her nickname looks like boy name and look arrogant if people not recognize who she is. Actually Nabil is a nice, talkative, cute and Chinese looks. She also is very funny girl. Besides that, she also like to eat and frequently but her body is still slim until she takes several vitamins to gain her weight but still has no changes. Don’t give up Nabil.. chaiyok2. Hehe.. She also like watching Korean movie and she will very admire the hero or the handsome actor in that movie.. Nabil is a very happy go lucky person too.

8. Baizura
I call her Zura. She is a very cute person. She is also nice, good and sometimes she will become fierce when speak with her boyfriend. I’m very comfortable when be friend with her because she is very happy go lucky and funny.

9. Ezza
I call her Ezza because her name is too long. Ezza is a very stylish person too. She likes to wear ‘baju kurung pahang’ when come to the class. She is pretty and has many collection of her dress. We also like to call her shawl model because she will wear shawl every time she attend the class. We only will see her use common scarf when she attends the PBC club. She will look different and ‘skema’ in this time. Hehe.. Besides that, Ezza is also very talkative person and have many story to share with us nonstop.. hehe

10. Adila
Adila is a very soft spoken, kind hearted and not an arrogant person. I start knowing her since last semester. I feel comfortable when speak with her because she is very polite girl.

11. Jannah
Jannah is such a nice girl and talkative when speak with other people. Sometimes she looks a little bit quiet during the class. Jannah likes to online in her room because the WIFI network center is only beside her room.

12. Aishah
Aishah is a cute, nice and talkative girl. She likes to use ‘awak’ and ‘saya’ when speak with other people. She is also a very soft spoken person and this make every people will feel comfortable when speak with her. She also loves taking picture in the class when the lecturer comes late.

13. Syakira
I call her eya. She is my best friend from secondary school until now. She is a nice and good friend. I feel comfortable when I’m with her. She likes to speak with loud voice especially when she speaks in phone at public places. She will speak like nobody around her. She also will become moody if have problem with others or her boyfriend.. eya have a cute boyfriend… hehe…..

14. Me …
I’m misnahaini… just call me mies… hehe

15. Amalina
I call her mon because she is very cute. We come from the same place which is Sabak Bernam, Selangor and come from the same school too during the secondary school with eya. Before this we are not so close, and we start become closer in UITM. Mon is very kind and happy go lucky person.

16. Kak azie
Kak azie is a cute and small person. She’s older than us, so we very respect her as our sister. Kak azi is also very happy go lucky person. She’s not arrogant with us. She likes to smile when meet us anywhere.

17. Diana
Diana is very talkative person. I know her from semester one. She is funny and like to laugh when speaks with us. She is happy go lucky person and like make a joke.

18. Hidayah
Hidayah is a nice girl. She’s not arrogant to other people. She also loves make a joke spontaneously with us.

19. Fatihah
I call her Fatin. I know her from part one because her room is beside my room. She is very kind and like helping other people. She is very clever and gets best result every semester. Fatin also can speak mandarin very well and we always ask new mandarin word to her.

20. Ramizah
Ramizah is our class rap for subject bell 260. She is such a nice person and like to help other people when need. She is not an arrogant person and likes to smile.

21. Huda
Huda is a little bit shy and she looks very quiet. She also looks very sweet when she is smiling. Huda likes to wear ‘baju kurung’ when comes to the class. She is very nice and good girl.

22. El-lena
I call her lina. She is little bit quiet in class but actually she is very talkative and good girl. She has made a direct selling in her room likes clothes, scarf, shoes and others. So if you want buy something just call lena.. hehe..

23. Izzaty.
I call her zaty. I start to know her last semester. She is very brutal and rocks although she looks like so girlish. She is very nice and not arrogant person.

That’s all what I can say about my classmate. I hope we can be good friends forever and graduate together. I love my classmate..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hi readers. We meet again in this entry .This time I want to talk about Valentine Day. What do you think about this topic?

Most of you who have a couple maybe have been celebrated this moment, right? Valentine’s Day is also known as ‘couple day’. 14th February is very famous among youth around the world especially in western country. Most of youth will wait this time to celebrate this moment as a sign to appreciate their couple. They will celebrate this time with their couple together in the special place to have a candle light dinner or something interesting.

Many youth from western country will not let this moment go without celebrating it because it is suitable with their culture and lifestyle. Besides that, their religions also not have limits in relation between man and woman. In our country, Valentine’s Day is not really famous among youth because this moment not really suitable with our culture and lifestyle. I think youth should not celebrate it and if they still want to celebrate this moment, they must take care their attitude and do not overreact until do bad things.

As we know, Valentine’s Day is the time to show our appreciation to couple with loyalty and trustworthy. I think, we no need to wait this time to show appreciation to them. If we really love and want our couple to always be beside us, we must always appreciate them every time and everywhere. Most youth nowadays is very hypocrite, that’s means many of them only will appreciate their couple during valentine’s day, after that they will forgot about it whether man or woman they are same. They just want to celebrate and have fun with their couple and do not want to show their appreciation.

For me, I will never celebrate this day. It might be because I don’t have anyone yet. I don’t think I want to have a couple for this time because for me study is very important than couple although sometimes I want someone be beside me to share problems and share my happiness. Every year I will not remember about this valentine day until my friend remind me. I don’t think I want to celebrate this moment when I have a couple. It’s enough if we always appreciate each other every time and everywhere. Sometimes I like to say ‘couple is trouble, single is simple’. I don’t know why, it maybe because I always look my friend feels upset and disappointed to their couple. Very difficult to make our couple understand with our feeling and appreciate us.

Last but not least, I hope every couple in this world will always appreciate and love their couple every time and everywhere without wait until ‘valentine’s day’ coming.

That’s all what I want to share to all of you about this topic. See you again… bye2..