Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I hate those stupid things!!!

Hi everybody.. This time I want to talk about top ten most I hate. It is a fact that everyone in this world have something that we love and hate. it is human nature, right? hehe..I hope we can share together in this entry…

Someone yelling
I hate someone who likes talking with yelling sound. Yelling make me feel like they are the person who very proud with themselves and did not care about other people feeling. It doesn't matter if they yelling for some reason but if not it will cause other people feel uncomfortable because the voice is like thunderstorm in other people heart especially me..

I hate mosquito because it always make me sick, itchy and it is a small danger virus. It can bring many diseases and leave effect on my skin like biting bug. Mosquito’s sound make me very angry especially when it fly around my ears .Sometimes during sleeping,those animal's sound will interrupted my superb dream and when it bite me, I feel itchy then i will try to kill it before going back to sleep..

Liar is very danger attitude that can stab-you-back. They can destroy many things like relationship, trustworthy, and also our country. Even though, they lie only a little bit word but it can hurt many heart and then destroy someone relationship. It is because liars only want other people trust them and then make the victim being suffered. They just know how to lie, manipulate and get what they want to fulfill their satisfaction.

Don't force me!!!!
I extremely dislike people who like to force me. I will very stress about it because I will feel guilty to say ‘not’!!.. I don’t know how to make people like this understand my situation.. It is because they may be cannot accept the argument from me..furthermore, i am the one who easily feel sympathy with others..So friends, please do not force me...=(

Don't you dare to control over me..!!
I hate being controlled whether in the form of feeling, attitude, relationship or action. As a human we have the right to do whatever we like except something that against syariah or religion. Everybody have the right to get their own freedom and defend their right because we are not a toy that can be controlled likes playing game. not betray me...
I always think that everybody around me are kind, nice and someone that i can trust, but my friends always remind me that,we should remember that face will not show the truly fact about someone. Do not easily judge the book by its cover.I do not expect that someone whose I trust can betray me. I don’t know what my fault. Sometimes people like this only want to run from their problem and they only realize about other people mistake but not their!

Migraine makes me sick.!! I hate when my head starting depress my nerve. It make me cannot focus for anything and loss my concentrations. I also feel that my eyes cannot be opened because the pain is very stress me and I will feel that dreadly pain for a long hour .

Selfish is a worse person. They will make other people being damn angry. I cannot understand why some people can be so selfish about everything. They won't help anyone that in trouble and do not ever care about others feeling. They only think about themselves. We should not act like this because we life live in community,not alone and one day we will need other people helping... If we still selfish, nobody people will help us and they only will say goodbye for you…
Not being respect others. (rude)
We should respect other people especially the one who eldest than you..It a sign of respect towards them.. Nowadays, we look most of teenagers do not respect the elder person than them. It's like they don't even care. I think it may be because of their parents not teach their kids about respect. Most parents just ignore abut this important attitudes and do not nurture this things to their kids because very busy with their job. Teenagers should respect elders because they need elder people to guide them to be a useful human in future...

Bullying person...
I always see many people do not respect the people who unlucky than them. For instance, poor or fat person. Sometimes people like to say something bad about them and its look like a mock. I’m very sympathy with them. I hate this habit. We do not have any right to do this horrible things because unlucky person also have feeling and heart. I can imagine what their feeling when I look people jeers them. They will feel very sad. We must consider about other feeling before act like that. They also do not want their life to be so unlucky like that.. So stop to be bullies and mock towards unlucky person.

That’s all about top ten I hate.. the rest I want keep it as a secret.. See you again.. bye2

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