Sunday, March 7, 2010

My top 10 wishes...

This week I want to talk about my wish in this entry. I hope can share with all of you…

1. Wish my mother will cure from disease.

It is my largest wish. I hope my mother will cure from disease. I’m very pity when looking she suffers and fight the disease. She always hide her suffer but I can detect it from her face. The distance from my hometown to campus make we feel very far. My mother looks very sad when I want come back to campus. It looks like we don’t have chance to meet again and after I kissed her hand, I will go without looking back again. I’m not strong enough to see her face in that condition. Every time after solat, I will pray to god to help my mother fight her disease and reduce the resistant that we will face. I hope our creator hear my wish….. insya’allah.. I love u mom.

2. Wish to be forgiven from someone.

In our life, human will not except from make a mistake including me. I hope I will get forgiven from someone that I really love. Every minute and second I will feel sad when I’m in front of him. We always will act like we never have any problem in front of other people but actually we have a really big problem that I think almost impossible to solve. I hope our relationship will not end and we can make jokes and can laugh like before. I miss that moment.

3. Wish to be a good sister to my younger brother and younger sister.

I have one younger brother and one younger sister. I really love them and want them to success in their study and life. I like seeing my younger brother study and do his homework especially engineering drawing subject because it also my favourite subject during my school time. My younger brother is very expert in this subject because he has a good imagination. I always advice him to study well so that he can go further his study overseas because it is one of my ambition.

4. Wish to improve my life and take care of my parents.

I hope will success in my study so have a better future for my family and me. I will be more hard working in my study to get better result. It is because I want change my family standard of living and want my parents have better life during their retirement. I’m so reluctant to see them working in order to make sure we live in good condition. The retirement is the time for them to get a good rest and it is the time for me and my siblings to take care of them. I will make sure to repay all their good deed that have they done to me.

5. Wish to meet someone that long time no see.

My other dream is to meet ‘F’ . She used to be my classmate and my best friend during standard four. I have not seen her for a while, about 10 years. Sometimes when I remind of my memory in primary school, I really miss her and want to meet her. I don’t know her news after her move to other school because her father transferred to other camp soldier and until now we still lost contact.

6. Wish to graduate on time.

I wish that I can graduate on time. I’m very excited to attend the convocation ceremony. I want to feel the moment and share my happiness with my family and my friends. Sometimes I dream to wear the convo clothes together with my friends and want throw up the cap with a big smile.

7. Wish to learn sewing.

I wish to learn sewing in this semester holiday. When I know to sew, the first thing that I want to do is sew my Mr.right dress in ‘hari raya’ until he show his sweet smile when wear it.. hehe.. After that I want to make my window look beautiful with the gorgeous and colorful curtain that I make myself. Then I want to open a dress boutique and want to be a successful businesswoman.

8. Wish to drive go-kart

I wish to drive go-kart. I like this activity because it’s very interesting and exciting. When I watched tv and see this activity I feel very excited. I wish to drive go-kart car then race with my mr.right together.. hehe..

9. Wish to scuba diving.

Scuba diving is also one of my favourite activities but I never try it because I don’t know how to swim. I wish to learn swimming with the expert coach and want make a scuba diving in island around the world to see the living things in the deep sea. This activity is very interesting. I hope to make it reality and can honeymoon with my future husband to see the power of our creator.

10. Wish to get good future husband.

I wish to get good future husband that can take care of me and be besides me whether in good or bad condition. I also hope my future husband can make me happy and can be fair to both our families. The most important is I wish my future husband always to do his responsibility to our creator and can teach and bring me to the right way if I have made a mistake.

That all…. I hope can share together with all of you. See you again…bye3.

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