Monday, March 29, 2010

welcome to my haunted house......

Hi everybody.. This time I would like to tell my experience in handling haunted house for school charity. It is my sweetest memory that I will never forget in my life. I know most of you may have been into this house with many expression like afraid, nervous, shock, and so on.. Thanks a lot to my friend who have join together to make this project successful.

It started when I am in lower six economy at SMK UNGKU AZIZ, SABAK BERNAM (2008 batch). My practical teacher Mr.Shafiq ask my class to handle this project for school charity and I am the assistance monitor for this project. In the beginning, we faced many problems and objection from other teachers because that is the first time haunted house is being held at the school and they worried about student’s safety. But we were not worried because our principle supports the idea and we have promised to take care about the student safety when they come into this house.

We need to submit a project paper for this haunted house project one week before the real event. My classmates do the preparation in just one week because the projects only get the approval during the last minutes. After that, my classmates divide the task into groups and appointed position like the captain, assistance captain, actor, ghost make-up artist, interior design, security, and computer handler to manage the visual, audio and effect on haunted house. Although sometimes they don’t want to follow the direction but they have give the best cooperation. We open this project for three days.

We hold it together in making the preparation for ghost, house, and flyers. For instance ghost hair from ‘TALI POM POM’, ghost nail from drinking straw, wall from black rubbish plastic, newspaper, colorful transparent to filament lamp and many kind of smell like ‘kapur barus’, ‘setanggi’, ‘sundal malam’ flower, ‘kemenyan’ and lemon, a lot of white cotton for ghost actor and also technical effect like speaker and computer.

We use many students to be the ghost from my class and another half from the other class because we use the shift technique to ensure my friends get enough rest and replaced if they tired. It is because the surrounding is dark and we will feel very hot and warm in there. We start in the early morning to make full preparation for the opening.

Before the opening, we faced a tragedy when suddenly the fan that we want put the last replica on it switch on automatically without anybody switch it on. It is because there are only 5 students including me in there and the plague is behind the room. We feel very shocked and anxious because the replica’s rope is twisted at the fan. One of us called someone who switches the fan but nobody in there. My friend go to switch off the fan immediately, then he feels like something fly beside him.. I am very surprise because I am the only girl in there and the rest are boys. The others are preparing at other room like make up and others. We promise to not tell other students to ensure our project successful, and then we call ‘ustaz’ to look and ‘fence’ the area. Ustaz tell us to throw ‘kemenyan’, flower and lemon because we want to scare the people who come but unfortunately it called for the real ghost instead. Besides that, I also do not know that my friend have put a ‘belangkas’ in there. Ustaz said that ‘belangkas’ can also attract the ghost. After we throw it, the condition becomes better.

We use a coupon to any student who wants come into haunted house. One coupon is equal to one ringgit. I do not expect that we get the great responds from other students. They are willing to line-up one hour before we open this house. We will tie the black ribbon at their hand and tell them that it is as protection but actually the ribbon is nothing.. hehe…. When they pass through the first stage, we will ask them to play some game at the computer to search for something and after they have got it, the scary face will come out and make them very shock until there are students crying and want to get out immediately. We make at least four ways that student needs to pass through and every way has many scary ghost and replica.

The project runs smoothly until the last day although my friend who is a ghost actor faced many problems like some of them have many scratches on their body without they realized it. They also are being hit and so on because the students who come will scream and hit the actor when they afraid. The best memory is when our principle and other teacher come into this haunted house. We success in making people afraid.. hehe… principle says that our project get the highest charity for one thousand and a half ringgit….

We feel very happy and will never forget this moment…. Thanks to my teacher and friends for your kindness and best cooperation…

That all what I share with all of you… the rest memory in this haunted house I want keep as a sweet memory in my life…..bye2….

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  1. I love ghost stories.. and yours is interesting :)