Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hi readers. We meet again in this entry .This time I want to talk about Valentine Day. What do you think about this topic?

Most of you who have a couple maybe have been celebrated this moment, right? Valentine’s Day is also known as ‘couple day’. 14th February is very famous among youth around the world especially in western country. Most of youth will wait this time to celebrate this moment as a sign to appreciate their couple. They will celebrate this time with their couple together in the special place to have a candle light dinner or something interesting.

Many youth from western country will not let this moment go without celebrating it because it is suitable with their culture and lifestyle. Besides that, their religions also not have limits in relation between man and woman. In our country, Valentine’s Day is not really famous among youth because this moment not really suitable with our culture and lifestyle. I think youth should not celebrate it and if they still want to celebrate this moment, they must take care their attitude and do not overreact until do bad things.

As we know, Valentine’s Day is the time to show our appreciation to couple with loyalty and trustworthy. I think, we no need to wait this time to show appreciation to them. If we really love and want our couple to always be beside us, we must always appreciate them every time and everywhere. Most youth nowadays is very hypocrite, that’s means many of them only will appreciate their couple during valentine’s day, after that they will forgot about it whether man or woman they are same. They just want to celebrate and have fun with their couple and do not want to show their appreciation.

For me, I will never celebrate this day. It might be because I don’t have anyone yet. I don’t think I want to have a couple for this time because for me study is very important than couple although sometimes I want someone be beside me to share problems and share my happiness. Every year I will not remember about this valentine day until my friend remind me. I don’t think I want to celebrate this moment when I have a couple. It’s enough if we always appreciate each other every time and everywhere. Sometimes I like to say ‘couple is trouble, single is simple’. I don’t know why, it maybe because I always look my friend feels upset and disappointed to their couple. Very difficult to make our couple understand with our feeling and appreciate us.

Last but not least, I hope every couple in this world will always appreciate and love their couple every time and everywhere without wait until ‘valentine’s day’ coming.

That’s all what I want to share to all of you about this topic. See you again… bye2..

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