Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 facts about me....

Hi readers, meet me again in this entry with a new story. This week I am going to talk ten facts about me. I will tell more about me.

1. Likes to dream.
It is a fact that everyone in this world like to dream because dream will change to an ambition and we will fight to achieve it. In my opinion, dreaming is a part of human life. For examples, dreaming of being a millionaire, lecturer, doctor and lawyer. I really love to dream even I don’t know whether my dream will be reality or just fantasy. Make your dream comes true.

2. Likes to play with my niece until she cry.
I really love my cute niece. Her name is Nur Aleeya Natasya. She is my niece. My mother said, her face and her behavior are just like mine when I was a child. For example, very naughty, like to cry and don’t like to wear short pant or skirt that can show her leg. My niece will cry when someone who she do not recognize want to take her. I like make she cry because her face is very cute when she is crying. I also love disturbing her when she is playing until she is angry and start to cry. I love her.

3. Loves cooking.
At home, I am the only one who cooks for my family because almost all my siblings are boys. I start try to cook when I was in standard four. I like playing ‘masak-masak’ with my younger brother in the kitchen. Until one day, the hot oil spill on my younger brother’s body. I feel very sympathy towards him but I don’t know what to do, so I call my mother immediately. Then my mother put medicine on his body to reduce the pain. I look him crying and I feel very guilty. I cannot forget this memory especially when I see his scar. But I don’t give up. I still like to cook until now. My first dish is ‘laksa’ because it is my favorite food. Now I can cook better compared to before.

4. Don’t like handsome guy.
I don’t know why I don’t like handsome guy. Maybe they always make me feel speechless when meet them. Besides that, guys nowadays is very demanding and like thinking that they are very handsome and only suitable for pretty girl. Many of them also look very hypocrite and not matured. But I think not all guys are like that. But I believe there are still good guys in this world. I like guys who can think more matured when doing something and not only depend on his handsome face.

5. Like to read my younger brother message in his phone.
I have one younger brother and we are so close. He likes to tell me about his friend or his special friend to me. We will share anything together. Sometimes I look him like smiling when he messaging his friend. I feel very weird and want to know. So I always will take his phone to read it and disturb him..hehe.. But he is a very sporting person. He will not angry if I read his message because it is just common messages.
6. Afraid of teddy bear especially at night.
Do you think it weird? But it is the truth about me. I am very scared with teddy bear especially at night. Since I was a child I don’t have teddy bear until someone give it to me as birthday present. I feel very happy because the teddy bear is very cute and big but at the same time I worried if I feel scared at night. I feel like that maybe because when I was child has someone tell me that teddy bear will ask for our spirit life to them and when we look at the eyes I feel like they look at us back.

7. Nausea cannot stay in the bus for a long journey.
I hate bus.. I have bad nausea since child. I cannot stay in the bus for a long journey. But I don’t have many choices. I need to take a bus when I want go back to my hometown at Sabak Bernam, Selangor. I need to stay in the bus for nine hour from Segamat station until I arrive at my destination.. I hope can have my own car one day to make me easy go back to my hometown.. I hate bus!!

8. Easy to crying when someone yelling at me.
Actually I am a quite sensitive person. I can cry easily when someone yelling at me. I will feel lost and my tears will start fall down. Besides that, I also easy to cry when my brother or my father angry with me even they just want to accost me.

9. Feel sad when rainy day.
Rainy day is the time that almost all people like to wait because this is the best time to sleep. But for me, rainy day always makes me feel sad, sorrowful and gloomy. I will remember for the past memory that makes me feel so lonely.

10. I love chocolate.
I think chocolate is synonym with girl after flower. It may be true because many girls like to eat chocolate anywhere and anytime. Besides that, many guys like to give chocolate as a present than flower to girls. I also really like to eat chocolate especially when I feel upset. I will feel calm when eat them and I just ignore the effect such as can become fat.

That’s all about me that can I share with all of you. For the rest, I want to keep as a secret. Thanks for read my blog. See you again. Bye2.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Beloved Roommates...

Hi.. This time I want to talk about my roommates. In my campus there are many colleges for student and divided in two sectors. They are sector A and sector B. I get college in sector A, which is college Mutiara. In this semester, I feel very happy because I get my old room from last semester. Mutiara 219 is my room. Besides that, I also feel very happy because my best friend and my classmate are just in front of my room. I have 4 roommates in my rooms.

Firstly, let me start by introduce my first roommates. She is Zuliyaartina binti Shukor. I call her Zue. She is part 3 student in Diploma in Accounting. She was born on 22nd April 1990 at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur (HBKL). Zue come from Rawang, Selangor and her address is no4, Jalan Tasik Biru4, Taman Tasik Biru Kundang, 48050 Rawang Selangor. She loves white and blue colour because it’s like purification symbol and blue symbolize calm. Her ambition is want to be an accountant. In the free time she will listen to music and watching romantic movie. Zue is a happy-go-lucky person and she also like to talk with her boyfriend in telephone and I’m very jealous..hehe.. I hope Zue will success in her future life and get best pointer for this semester.

Secondly, my second roommate is Nurshafinaz Azurin binti Ahmad Mohar Azahari. She is my senior. I call her Kak Enaz. She is a part 5 student in Diploma in Investment Analysis. Kak Enaz was born on 10th april 1989 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johore. She comes from Cheras Selangor and her address is no 7 Jalan Sunway 1/6 Bandar Sunway Cheras, 43200 Cheras Selangor. Kak Enaz loves orange and red colour because the colour can encourage her. Besides that, Kak Enaz’s ambition is want to be a finance adviser. In the free time she likes writing and watching thriller movie. Kak Enaz is good in writing. She also is very talkative, cheerful and very hardworking person. I hope she will achieve what she dreams and success in future.

My last roommate is Elliya Harisna binti Junaedi. She is my senior. I call her Kak Leya. She is a part 5 student in Diploma in Investment Analysis. Kak Leya was born on 17th Ogos 1989 at Hospital Kluang, Johore. She live in Kuala Selangor and her address is no 100, Jalan Abdul Rahman wilang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor. Kak Leya’s ambition is want to be a Businesswoman one day. She like blue colour because this colour can give her a soft feeling. In the free time she like reading novel and watching movie. She is very kind person, talkative and cheerful. I hope she can success in her studies and future life.

I hope all my roommates and I will success in future life and can be friend forever. I wish all the best for them and me… that’s all…see you again.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Subjects for This Semester.

Hi... This is my second year at UITM Segamat,Johore , that means I am in semester three now because I am the student for last intake . I’m very thankful to our Creator for allowing me to study until this semester although I have many problem from semester one. It is because I have migraine and at the same time my mother sick at the critical condition. This situation make me cannot focus and concentrate my entire subject until I get very low carry mark. I feel very sad and disappointed, but I try to do well during the final examination. Finally I get good result and get to increase my pointer at semester two. Now I am at semester three. I need to more hardworking and study smart to make sure my pointer not falling down. In this semester I have seven subjects that need I to take. They are BEL 311, QMT 216, ECO 211, BMD 101, FIN 262, CTU 241, and also HSM 115.

Firstly, I have to take BEL 311. This code stands for English for Academic Purposes and it is worth 3 credit hours. The pre-requisite subject for this subject is BEL 260. This subject has assessment 30% on midterm paper, 20% on discussion, 10% for attendance, and 40% for final. I need to study hard to get better result for this subject because this subject looks like easy but actually this subject is very tough and very difficult to get high mark. This semester I get the same lecturer like last semester. He is Mr. Izuan. He is a very strict lecturer and very hard to look his smile, but actually he is a kind person. First time I look he attend my class for this semester, I feel very shocked and speechless. I don’t expect he will be my lecturer for the second time. BEL 311 is not really my favourite subject because I think this is a difficult subject. I hope can improve my communication and writing skill in English and get better result for this subject this semester.

Secondly, I also have take QMT 216. This code stands for Introduction for Statistic and worth two credit hours. My lecturer for this subject is Professor Madya Ruhana Zainuddin. She is a kind, very religious person, cheerful and motherhood. She likes to talk before start the lecture process. She likes to give advice about Islam to my class to make we realized the life reality in the world and hereafter. Introduction for Statistic subject is important in all aspect of our live and importantly in the business content; an amazing diversity of data is available for inspection analytical insight. I do not really like this subject because this semester is the first time I take this subject, so it too early to make conclusion and I expect this is a difficult subject. I hope can get best result and can get carry this subject better.

Thirdly, I have take ECO 211. This code stands for Macroeconomic and worth three credit hours. The pre-requisite subject for this subject is ECO 162. My lecturer’s name is Miss Nordiyana binti Isahak. She is very cheerful, funny but look little nervous when she teaches my classes, it maybe because she is a new lecturer in this UITM and don’t have many experience yet. Macroeconomic subject have related with microeconomic but it is different because microeconomic calculate the specific and individual unit while macroeconomic calculate total and aggregate whole the nation. I like this subject very much because I get best result in semester two and I hope can get best result for this semester too.

Besides that, I also take FIN 262. This subject stands for Fundamental of Finance and worth four credit hours. We need to fight more to ensure my pointer is not falling down. This is my favourite subject because I think it is an interesting subject. My lecturer is Madam Norsaliza. She is very kind, gorgeous, sporting and beautiful person. She teaches my class very confidently and looks like she already has many experiences in financial subject. I hope can easily catch up the syllabus, get higher carry mark and get the best result.

I also take Islamic subject. That is CTU 241 which worth two credit hours. This subject is about Islamic economic that can help us do business follow Islamic perspective and Islamic rules. My lecturer is Miss Siti Aishah binti Sokhibul Fadil. She is very kind, sporting and can speak Arabic very well. This is my favourite subject because I can learn more about Islamic economic and improves myself. At the same I hope can achieve ‘Al- Falah’ that’s means want to success in the world and hereafter.

This semester, I also learn the third language. The code is BMD 101, which stands for Mandarin. This subject is not included in final examination but we need to submit assignment project. My lecturer for this subject is Loushi Lim. He is a very cute person, sporting and funny. I feel very happy when learning Mandarin with him. This is my favorite subject because this is the first time I learn the third language. I hope this subject can give many benefits in my future life.
Lastly, I also have to take HSM 115. This code stands for recreation club for my co-curriculum activity. I do not attend this class yet because I have been register this subject last week and I don’t know who my lecturer is. I hope can enjoy in this club and can release my tension with their activity.

To put it in a nutshell, my subjects for this semester are very tough and I need to more concentrate to get best result to make my parents and my family very proud of me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

About Me

Let me start with story about myself. My name is Misnahaini binti Japri. It stand for ‘haruman kasturi’.I am 20 years old. I was born on 21st.november.1990 at Hospital Teluk Intan, Perak at 7.42 p.m . I have 10 siblings and I the third last. In my siblings, I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters. I come from the big family. My hometown is at Sabak Bernam,Selangor. I live with my family because I love my family so much.

My father’s name is Japri bin Kaulan. He was born on 20.June.1955. He is 55 years old and he work as farmer. My father need to do many work to support my family member because my mother not working. My father do part time job with open business at Pasar Tani Gombak, Selangor at weekend. The distance from Gombak and my house so far, so my father need to reach early to ensure he arrive early to make a preparation. I very respect my father and he is my hero.
My mother’s name is Kartina binti Mahmud. She was born on 1st.January.1957. She is 53 years old and not working. My mother is house wife at home to do daily work like cooking, washing and others. I love my mother very much because she is a kind, charming and beloved mother.

I have six brothers, one sister, one younger brother and sister. My entire brother was working as teacher, supervisor, engineer and so on. My brother likes to do part time study on Sunday to further their study until the level they want and at the same time can fulfill their free time. My sister not working because she needs to take care her children at home and do her duty every day. My sister has one son and four daughters. My sister is happy go lucky person. Besides that, my younger brother will face the SPM examination for this year. I hope he will get the best result.
My family likes to spend time together at home every last month. I feel so happy because we can share many story or problem then solve together. From this way, my family relationship becomes closer.

Now I am student of University Technology Mara, Segamat Johor, in Diploma in banking course. I choose this course because it suitable with my result and one day I want to be a successfully banker. I hope I can achieve my dream although jobs are very scarce nowadays. I like study at Segamat, Johor because the environment is very calm and have a fresh air because in this place have many amazing features around it. My hobby is cooking when at home and like go to window shopping when at campus with my friend. I like to watch television, online computer, like something cute and love my friend.

I love my family so much because family is very important in my life and I love my friend because they always make me happy. That’s all.